Maffra Salvage

Maffra is the leading brigade in salvage in the eastern regions of the state.  Our state of the art Salvage vehicle is listed by the CFA as a state-wide response vehicle, just as Dandenong’s aerial appliance is. 

The brigade purchased the Salvage with funds from fundraising in November 1999, and has been adding to it ever since.   Some of the features included on the salvage are:


  • Yamaha 240 volt generator (built in)

  • Yamaha 240 volt generator (portable)

  • 2000watts of floodlighting on mast

  • 2000watts of floodlighting on vehicle

  • 240v fluorescent lighting 

  • 2000watts of floodlighting (portable – tripod)

  • 500watts of portable floodlighting x 2

  • Extension Cords (various lengths)

  • 6 hand torches

  • e-Flares for scene safety at night

Forcible entry:

  • hooligan tool

  • Quick cut saw

  • chainsaw

  • sledge hammers

  • Mash hammers

  • fireman’s axes

  • bead breaker

  • hand saws (wood, hacksaws)

  • Circular saw

  • hammer drill

  • other miscellaneous forcible entry equipment

Power equipment:

  • Tempest 24″ Positive Pressure Ventilator

  • Tempest 21″ Positive Pressure Ventilator

Personal protective equipment:

  • 4 x Sabre Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • 4 x Chemical Splash Suits

  • 2 x Fully encapsulated gas suits

  • Decontamination kit

Salvage Equipment:

  • Tarpaulins 

  • Ropes

  • Squeegee brooms

  • Stiff yard brooms

  • Ceiling hooks

  • Rake hoes

  • Mops and Buckets

  • Drainage hoses

  • Absorption materials

  • Two piece ladder

  • Adjustable step ladder

  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Additional equipment:

  • Refreshment facilities

  • Fridge

  • Weather shields

  • Operations communications point

  • Rations

  • Fresh water tank

  • Seating for 7

  • Trunking Radio

  • Portable Radio

  • Traffic control equipment (cones, tape, e-Flares etc.)

  • Low voltage fuse pulling equipment

  • Spare overalls, helmets and disposable overalls

  • Hose Ramps

For more information, contact the Maffra Fire Brigade.

For Photos, go to the photo gallery.