Maffra Tanker 2

The Maffra Tanker 2 was replaced in 2004. This unit is brigade owned and was also built from scratch by the Maffra Fire Brigade members.

Here’s how the project unfolded…

30/09/03 – New Cab/Chassis picked up from dealer.

11/10/03 – Brigade members stripped the Cab/Chassis ready for painting.

13/10/03 – Cab/Chassis taken to painter’s workshop for painting.

18/10/03 – Cab/Chassis picked up from painters and taken to have new tyres fitted.

19/10/03 – Cab/Chassis re-assembled by member.  (After painting.)

November 2003 – Pump and motor purchased by brigade.  (Hatz diesel silent pack.)

December 2003 – Maffra Sheet metal Works manufacture all metal works required. (Dash panel, siren mounting panel, fuse box etc.)

January 2004 – Wiring has commenced.  Warning systems have been installed.

20/01/04 – Wiring is 90% completed.  Will be checked by auto electrician this Thursday, and completed by members on Saturday.

20/01/04 – Tanker body from CFA expected today! (Second hand – we will paint it.)

24/01/04 – Old ACCO tanker from CFA received.  Stripping down begins. (see photo.)

30/31/1 (Weekend) 04 – Stripping of ACCO is complete.  Parts sent to different businesses around the town for preparation.  Heat shield panels, lockers and tank are rubbed back in preparation for painting.  Tray and tank are measured up and positioning on chassis is worked out.  Tray is taken to Maffra Auto & Steel for preparation.  Work is being performed by brigade members Ron Graham and Kevin Nash, assisted by various others.

2/2/04 – Preparation of tray is completed.  It will be sent to be galvanised on the 3rd.

2/2/04 – FF Bates spent the day sanding and preparing the lockers, heat shields and tank for painting.

6/2/04 – FF Nash and Lt Giles shorten the truck chassis in preparation to fit the tray.

8/2/04 – Painting of tank is completed.  Painting of lockers and heat shields completed.

9/2/04 – Some more wiring completed.

10/2/04 – Tray and tank are fitted to the chassis.

11-13/2/04 – wiring and plumbing continues.  Rear step attached. Construction of fuse box begins.

14//2/04 – ROPS measured and holes drilled in preparation to fitting. More wiring done.  Pump and some plumbing fitted.

15/2/04 – ROPS and some deck fitted.  Some lockers fitted.  Wiring and plumbing continues.

17/2/04 – More plumbing done!  Heat shields and lockers installed.  Some handrails installed.

18/2/04 – The rest of the heat shields installed.  Pump removed (so that plumbing can be finished.)  More deck installed.  The rest of the handrails installed.

19 – 29/2/04 – Work continues.  Plumbing is nearly completed.  24v wiring completed.  All heat shields, lockers, handrails and floor installed.  Mudflaps fitted.  Lights and siren installed.  Sign writing begins.

1/3/04 – Truck is registered!!!   We can now drive it.  Final installation of wiring.  Plumbing continues.  Waiting on parts for emergency hazard lights.  More photos to follow on Thursday.  Sign writing completed…the truck looks great with the new reflective striping!

2/3/04 – The flasher unit for the hazard lights arrived from the US.  Currently, it is the only one in Australia!  (and does it look good or what!!!)  A bit more plumbing happened.  The kick panels were put on the crew doors.  That is about it!  Keep checking here…we are hoping to have the truck looking like it is finished for Saturday night (the Maffra Mardi Gras) to put it into the parade. (For all those non-Maffra people, the Maffra Mardi Gras is NOT like the Sydney one…)  More photos as soon as Peter gives them to me.

3 – 22/3/04 – Work has progressed slowly but steadily.  It looks like a fire truck!!! We now have the pump working, all the warning systems working, most of the stowage is done, the live hose reel has been mounted and is awaiting some hose.  There will be more photos to come soon…

31/3/04 – COMPLETE!!! Apart from a few small items, we are finished!  Check out the photo page for some pics of the finished product.

3 – 4/4/04 – Victorian Rural Fire Brigades Association Rural Competition State Championships in Bairnsdale.  Tanker 2 was on display for the two days of competition along with tankers of other CFA brigades, and the CFA’s new tanker design.  Public interest was very high, with some of the CFA’s top officers showing a lot of interest.

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