Members & Recruitment


At Maffra each new prospective member goes through a rigorous selection program, in which a prospective member needs to be nominated by a member of the brigade.  The decision then goes to the brigade management team and the prospective member may need to attend a panel interview if deemed necessary.  The person is notified in writing of their success in gaining membership.  In addition to this panel interview, the applicant will need to satisfy the CFA’s new member requirements.  Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Maffra Fire Brigade expects members of the brigade to be:

  • Dedicated to our community and to the brigade
  • Self motivated
  • Reliable
  • honest

We need people who are:

  • Willing to learn and participate
  • Able to attend brigade activities regularly
  • Able to obey commands promptly
  • Team players
  • Able to assist with our wider community activities program

Where can I get more information?  Click here to download the brigade’s information brochure (designed to be printed double side and folded in 3)

  • On joining the Brigade
  • On joining the Brigade auxiliary
  • On joining the Brigade’s competition running teams (senior and junior)

For more information contact us, ask one of our friendly volunteers or visit the CFA website